How Yoga Saved My Life
Jasmine Ford | 26 May
The first time I sat on a yoga mat I was so moved that tears fell from my eyes. It was October 2017 and I had signed up to attend Hip Hop Yoga Warriors & Mimosas with one of my girlfriends in Atlanta.
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Flotation Therapy: My First Experience
Jasmine Ford | 11 June
What in the hell is flotation therapy? Yup. That was my initial thought when my husband surprised me with this birthday activity. I was 4 months pregnant and the belly was definitely starting to show.
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Why I’m Obsessed With Organic Feminine Care
Jasmine Ford | 24 June
You know that awkward moment when you are out in public and you suddenly realize that your menstrual cycle has started? No pad or tampon in sight, and if you are lucky enough to have a true friend by your side, they will lean over and tell you if you are spotting through your pants.
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Why I Love Crystals and Gemstones
Jasmine Ford | 1 July
Crystals and gemstones are just a bunch of voodoo, witchcraft, and rituals? Well maybe, but I don’t care because they have changed my life.
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How I Cleared My Skin
Jasmine Ford | 6 July
Having acne prone skin is one of the most challenging insecurities I have faced in life. I vividly recall many occasions when I was teased for this skin condition and I would constantly wear make-up to hide from it all. It was a struggle of trial and error through every product on the market. You want to know what I find annoying about it all?
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