Wellness By Jasmine Ford
  • You know that awkward moment when you are out in public and you suddenly realize that your menstrual cycle has started? No pad or tampon in sight, and if you are lucky enough to have a true friend by your side, they will lean over and tell you if you are spotting through your pants. It is beyond mortifying. And yet this same circumstance is what prompted me to switch to organic feminine products.

    I know you are probably thinking what is wrong with using the products that have been on the market for years? I’ve been doing it since I reached my “rite of passage” so why the sudden change? Well on this eventful day I had just finished up my monthly brunch outing with my girls. And yes, champagne was included! I made my way over to a yoga studio in Old Fourth Ward Atlanta for some good Sunday relaxation. To my surprise, there I was – on my period without a spare tampon. I hurried into the bathroom of the studio and to my delight there was a container full of tampons. I had no idea what Seventh Generation was, but I needed to plug it up and keep mother-nature from ruining my yoga session. After yoga I even went out to pick up a box of those same tampons. I am a firm believer in educating myself and giving new products on the market on the chance – especially if it aides in my overall physical health.

    So what happened? Well next month came along and I resorted to old habits. I had an unfinished box of Tampax Pearl Unscented and I decided to save money. Needless to say, it was a complete disaster. My vagina instantly became swollen, irritated, and inflamed. How scary it is to think about that I used these tampons my entire life! The moment I resorted to organic I realized that I had been causing harm to my body. There really is no other option when it comes to your feminine care. A quick google search will enlighten you on the dangers of using feminine products that aren’t organic. Don’t believe me? Well if you still need convincing, here is why you need to make the switch: dyes, perfumes, synthetic fibers, dioxin and all other sorts of crap are in non-organic products. Our vagina literally absorbs this and it enters our bloodstream causing serious health risks. What does it lead to? Things such as cancer, infertility, rashes, and even birth defects can occur. The great news is that there are many affordable organic feminine care options on the market.

    I was late to the transition, but it is never too late to take control of your health. My overall vaginal health has improved significantly since making the switch. The next time you’re shopping online or walking the aisles at Target, do your research, look up the ingredients, and make a better decision for your health. You deserve it!

    Photo By: Gabrielle Rocha Rios