Wellness By Jasmine Ford
  • Crystals and gemstones are just a bunch of voodoo, witchcraft, and rituals? Well maybe, but I don’t care because they have changed my life. Back in the spring of 2019 I was fresh into navigating the trials and tribulations of being a new parent. While I had come to appreciate that self-care was not optional, I was interested in pursuing other areas of wellness and spirituality that I could incorporate into my daily routine. Aiden’s godparents came to visit us in Atlanta and we were so elated to be seeing our former neighbors from Zion Road. There is no better feeling than having fun with your friends and your kid. Suddenly living and enjoying life takes on a whole new meaning.

    We decided to visit Ponce City Market for some good eats and a short walk to Fourth Ward Park. Prior to making our way into the market my gf had mentioned that we would be checking out Modern Mystic. She is a true crystal connoisseur, but more importantly, she believes in self-care and healing. I had previously chatted with her about my desire to learn more about crystals. My soul was craving a deep awakening that I had never experienced before. I had this feeling well before I even knew what sage was or the idea of practicing spirituality. I mean I didn’t even own a doTERRA petal diffuser until it was gifted to me – and it was oh so worth it! While I did not understand it back then, I appreciate my gf’s pure and simple advice – “let the crystals choose you.” And that is exactly what I did. The energy and calming effect I felt in that shop is indescribable. There aren’t many places you can visit and instantly feel at peace. And lately I can only afford peace in my life.

    As soon as we entered the store I was instantly drawn to the candles and essential oils. Lapis lazuli instantly captivated me and it is also stone known to enhance the “throat” chakra. It certainly was fitting, as I had been working on my communication skills and just generally trying to verbalize how it felt being in early postpartum. Isn’t it funny how the law of attraction was working there? Anyhow, I picked up the oil and the lapis lazuli stone. Right before I made my way to the cash register I found black tourmaline. This crystal is known for warding off negative energy and I certainly was holding space for things that I didn’t need. What I didn’t know? “Clearing” crystals is a concept and I am constantly drawn to crystals that cleanse the energy and space around me. How cool is it to know that there are also crystals and gemstones aligned with your zodiac sign. As a Leo, Tiger’s Eye is a stone that I carry often and it reminds me to keep my eye on the prize – always stay motivated and never get discouraged because I am made of greatness. When we returned home and settled for the evening, I found myself having trouble trying to relax. I went downstairs and grabbed my black tourmaline stone. Shortly after placing it under my pillow I settled back into the most calming slumber. The next morning I woke up feeling refreshed. Keeping it real – I was astonished that the elements of this crystal were actually proving to be beneficial.

    Being introduced to crystals allowed me to seek inward for my solace and to improve on how I react to the ever changing physical world. Living in your own spiritual beliefs is powerful. I am grateful that my mother allowed this in our home. While my mother is religious, she did not force me and my sister to attend the church or to adhere to strict religious beliefs. More than anything, she fostered an environment of seeking spirituality for ourselves. For many of us, we immediately disregard anything outside of what we were taught about religion. Never have I felt more spiritually connected with myself than I have in my entire life. I seek the sun and moon for my energy. I keep my gemstones in my pocket as a reminder that I am capable of healing and living authentically in my truth. These days I won’t step on a plane or ride in a car without my crystals. Other times the gemstones are resting quietly in my bra, or the pocket of my jeans. Keeping them close to you and even using skin contact will rebalance your 7 chakras – leaving you with a clear mind and open heart. Meditation and ritual ceremonies with sage are how I choose to practice my spirituality. The healing I have witnessed as a result of the properties in crystals has without a doubt changed me. It’s a peace that I encourage you to experience for yourself, and there are many forms of spirituality to explore on your journey. Only you can manifest the energy, but once you put yourself out there, the universe will reward your courage.

    Photo By: Sarah Brown