Wellness By Jasmine Ford
  • Having acne prone skin is one of the most challenging insecurities I have faced in life. I vividly recall many occasions when I was teased for this skin condition and I would constantly wear make-up to hide from it all. It was a struggle of trial and error through every product on the market. You want to know what I find annoying about it all? The people who give their unsolicited advice about what you should try, not knowing you have already been there and done that. I even have an in-law (who shall remain nameless) that believed praying over me would somehow cure my acne! The lack of education and awareness surrounding acne is REAL y’all! Thank goodness I put effort into researching various vegan and organic skincare options using the Think Dirty app. To say it has been life changing is a complete understatement.

    So, how did I clear my skin? Check out my favorite vegan and organic skincare products:

    1. Acure Charcoal and Lemonade Scrub – The perfect vegan scrub for combo / oily skin that is gentle enough to be used daily.
    2. Aspen Kay Turmeric Soap – This is my everyday organic soap. Turmeric is great for dark spots and hyperpigmentation (both of which I struggle with).
    3. E.L.F. Holy Hydration Face Cream – It’s cruelty free and it contains hyaluronic acid and peptide complex for glowing and radiant skin.
    4. Sephora Ultra Glow Serum – Made with both vitamins C & E. This is how I maintain moisture and glow throughout the day.
    5. Versed Overnight Facial Peel – Lactic acid, vitamin A, and glycolic acid gently peel off dead skin overnight, leaving you with brighter skin!

    These products are now used in my daily skincare routine! I also perform my own microdermabrasion treatment twice a week using my suction tool I purchased from Wish for $8. Can you believe it? A great steal and a must for my oily skin. Aside from all of this, it is important to note that drinking water and taking a daily probiotic with turmeric aides in my skin health as well. We must also provide our body with the necessary nutrients and antioxidants for optimal health to give ourselves healing from the inside and out – and that’s really about it. A few lifestyle changes is all it took for me to regain control of my skin – and know that you can too, friend!