Where is the Safe Haven for the Black, Millennial Mother?
Jasmine Ford | 15 May
“You walk around as if you’re just a mom.” The words echoed out of my husband’s mouth and pierced my heart. It was the response that his brother provided to him when he mentioned his own struggle with depression. His brother stated, “I think you are both depressed. Jasmine walks around as if she is just a mom. As if, this is it
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Traveling With A Toddler
Jasmine Ford | 11 June
Let’s face it… the reality is that at some point we all must travel with our precious little ones. As a first time parent, I was freaking out last year taking my 3 month old son on a 2 hour flight, but I survived! Want to start flying the skies and traveling those roads less traveled with the kiddos?
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5 Common Signs of Postpartum Depression
Jasmine Ford | 17 June
Many new moms who are experiencing postpartum depression or anxiety are not aware of the symptoms. I learned this from my own personal experience and because I was so caught up in going through the motions of being a new parent, I did not realize how self-damaging this pattern had become.
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What I Learned My First Year of Parenting
Jasmine Ford | 28 July
Last fall I vividly recall sitting on my therapist’s couch with a cup of coffee in hand. I had tears streaming down my face because I was facing so many battles with myself as a new parent. It was almost as if a light switch had been flipped on, and I was suddenly analyzing and dissecting every bit of my childhood and the relationship I had with my own parents. Parenting is by no means simple math.
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