Meet Jas

Hi! I’m Jas— eclectic, fun & bold are just a few of my best attributes. In the midst of raising my toddler son with my husband Bryant, I occasionally get to shower, wear jeans, & enjoy a cup of hot coffee. Oh, and wine (duh!) I live an uncensored mom life and have a damn good time while doing it! I creatively share my experiences and inspire others through writing. Subscribe to my blog and check out my first piece titled, “Where is the Safe Haven for the Black, Millennial Mother?”

So, I am sure you are asking yourself, “What is simply living?” It’s simply just that—living! No more superficial stances. Just evolving into the unique person that you are and manifesting the life you have always wanted to live. To be honest, I was not always, “simply living.” Mastering the art of my distraction was my game. I played it well.

I started seeing a therapist in 2015, but I was not prepared to truly work on myself, so I kept on running. After getting married in 2016, I packed up my bags and moved all the way to Atlanta for an amazing job promotion. I thought I had figured out my life and that the past was just “all behind me.” What I did not know is that I had an unknowingly began my spiritual journey. You know that feeling you get when it’s time do some soul searching? Yeah, that feeling! I knew I desired to live outside of the world I had always known. I was just too busy getting in my own way.

To be completely transparent, I hit the lowest state of my mental health and was forced to improve my quality of life. It was not an easy feat, but better days did come. And let’s be honest—I still have bad days. In 2019, my mental health would take another plunge after birthing my beautiful son. Postpartum anxiety and depression wrecked my entire world. That is when I knew it was time to unveil my soul and stop wearing a mask. Although I was extremely anxious and unsure, I left my longtime career as a senior program manager and never looked back!

Simply living is now the superstructure of my life. I took my pain and discomfort and grew it into my beautiful existence. These days you can catch me at a beach, yoga studio, exploring an art gallery, taking a road trip, or lounging in my bed burning sage & reading. With all the challenges of being a millennial mother, it doesn’t make sense to do anything less than simply live. In every truth – do it with vulnerability, transparency, and light!

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